Why International Music Artists Favour Australia?

October 10, 2018

Australia is seeing a fast change in its image of just being another travel destination for people around the world. It is now making a name of itself in the music industry. Even though it may feel hard to believe, many international music artists are now favouring Australia in favour of other countries in the world. This definitely is good news for the country. But what is it exactly that’s causing a change of such astronomical change? In this post, we will look at some of the major reasons why Australia is being perceived the way it is by international music artists:

1. Huge Crowd Margin:
Musicians prefer a venue where they can attract crowds and take center stage. Until now there was no fixed place that had a true distinction of being a true music destination for musicians. As per figures from the Melbourne Live Music Census, around 17.5 million people attended music scenes in the city of Melbourne alone. Now, in 2018 the city of Melbourne has officially been claimed as the live music capital of the world. Earlier, this privilege was held by the city of Los Angeles.


2. More Venues:
The Melbourne Live Music Census also found some other interesting details here that are truly mesmerizing. It is found that the city of Melbourne has more music venues than any other city on earth. This stands at a staggering one venue per 9503 residents. London in comparison, has one venue per 34, 350 people while Los Angeles has one venue per 19,607. Every Saturday night in 2017 alone, almost 93% of all venues in the city of Melbourne generated more than $1.4 billion in ticket sales, merchandise as well as food.

3. Biggest Ticket Shifting Places in the World:
At least six live music venues have been ranked as the most successful in the world alongside 14 venues across Australia in total. This stat comes as per the US Stats tracker and its global rankings. For a second year in the row, Melbourne in Australia has managed to become the world’s music capital. This is no ordinary feat for any city that prides itself for its music. International artists are realizing the potential within Australia and are coming in numbers to the continent.

3. Presence of Favourable Laws:
Many local and international musicians prefer Australia as the go-to place for performing as there are lesser bar lockout laws, more ticket sales, less regulatory issues as well as noise complaints by residents in the city. The other factor helping the music scene within the country remains the fact that there are regular public buses and train transport system that helps the logistics of not just the local music but also international artists visiting here. The state government in the city of Melbourne is also now making its 24-hour public transport on weekends as a permanent plan.

4. State Protected Music Venues:
Apart from the favourable laws present in the country, one of the key initiatives arousing global interest is the fact that there is a strict implementation of state protected music venues. Other helpful provisions include parking bay for musicians as well as road crews, availability of soundproof venues in the country.

5. Presence of Save Live Australia’s Music (SLAM):
The active support and cooperation of the state government, business and lobby groups, promoters and venue owners have come together to work extensively on developing initiatives that have worked in favour of the country and will continue to do so. To get the latest fashion and accessories by looking your best wherever you step out, make use of the Fashion Bunker voucher that gives you up to 20% off as well as free shipping on all orders above $39.

6. Fair Trade of Musicians Scheme:
Policies like the Fair Trade of Musicians Scheme is certainly a boon for local as well as international artists present in the country. Under this scheme, all venues and promoters have the need to treat musicians in a better manner as well as charge a nominal fee for all their acts. Musicians have welcomed such initiatives on behalf of the state government as well as local support groups.


7. Source of Employment:
A national study done by Live Music Office found that music employment jobs in the market have grown substantially in the past few years. This comes along with renewed audience participation that can be measured in live music ticket sales as well as a surging increase in the number of musical revenues annually across international and local artists.

So, there we have a comprehensive breakdown of facts as well as figures that indeed proves that Australia remains one of the best favourable destinations for international artists.