Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts For Your Lady

February 7, 2017

Lovers’ day is near and we are pretty sure that you are looking for a gift that could best demonstrate your love and appreciation towards your girlfriend/wife.

There are many gifts or way through which you could express your feelings: starting from a romantic dinner to a getaway to a relaxing, beautiful resort away from everything and everyone.

However, we have suggest that there is a particular gift that will always melt your lover’s heart: jewellery. Whether you think of necklaces, rings, earrings or watches, there are few chic, classy choices out there which will pretty much sweep your loved one of her feet. So, let’s see what options you may have and how much they will cost you:

1. Personalized Jewellery
Looking to get her a unique jewellery gift with a personal touch? PANDORA offers a wide range of options that allow you to create something special that she will treasure forever. Create a unique, heartfelt and personal bracelet for her with the gorgeous alphabet charms.


If you are not a fan of letters, then get her a bracelet with beautiful charms that symbolise the unforgettable moments you have shared. The best thing is that PANDORA will let you use your imagination and you can choose any item you want: for example, you can choose the Tower Eiffel represents your first vacation together as a couple in France; one of the most adorable moments you shared.

The options do not end here. PANDORA also offers charms with zodiac signs, so if your lover is a fan of the zodiac, you could put your sign together with her on a lovely silver bracelet.

Another great option would be a personalized jewellery box with a ring or a necklace within it. Whether you engrave a name, date, occasion, motto or message on to the box, it allows you to mark the occasion in engraved words that will last a lifetime.

2. Rings
If you have big plans with your sweetheart, giving her an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day will absolutely mark the day forever. Not only she will be beautifully surprised by the gift and your emotions, but also about the day when you chose to propose her.

You could either personalize it by engraving your names on it or simply write “Will you marry me?” on the ring. This is a mere suggestion. For more options and ideas, make sure you check Zoara.


If you are not looking for an engagement ring, then Swarovski can offer you a wide range of different shapes and materials for the perfect Valentine ring such as heart, butterfly, half-moon or swan.

3. Watches
I must admit that a watch is a wonderful gift which regardless of the event, it will always be the perfect accessory for a lady. Based on your lady’s preferences, Swarovski collection of Swiss-made watches range from sporty to spectacular. Dazzling Crystal Mesh timepieces exude sophistication and glamour. Refined and radiant models shine with hand-applied crystal accents, adding instant elegance at any time of day and on any occasion.

4. Necklace
Necklaces are perhaps the most used accessories by ladies and not only. Whether it represents a memory, a cultural decoration or simply for fashion reasons, necklaces rarely miss in a lady’s jewellery box. So, why not surprise your Valentine with a symbolic necklace? Similarly to the bracelets, you can personalize the necklaces or simply choose a simple one.

Other Gift Ideas
If the above suggestion might not be exactly what you are looking for, do not worry, there are so many other gifts you could offer your lover:

Beauty Pack: It is still cold outside and your lady body still needs to hydrate her skin. Beauty packs are a great and useful gift.


Lingerie: This a gift for yourself as well, not only for your lady. Floral prints, strapping body, lace chemise and so many others could be the perfect gift for both of you on Valentine’s night. It will surely make your lover feel sexy and confident. However, make sure you know her size!

Puppies: Does she love pets, but she does not own one? What are you waiting for? Surprise her with her favourite breed! She will always cherish it and appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Spa Treatments: Take advantage of this day and pamper yourselves with a spa treatment. During this period you will find many discounts or deals, so the costs will not be high. It will be a great moment for you and her.

Become her Chef For The Day! Nothing could be better and perfect for your lover than having you as her chef. Surprise her with your cooking skills and prepare a delicious dinner. I am sure she will not even imagine that you will remember that sophisticated dish you both had on your first date. She will undoubtedly remember this Valentine’s Day for a long time!

Whether you will choose a jewellery as a gift or one of the above options, we wish you Happy Valentine’s Day full of smiles and….love!