Trending Study Courses In Different Sectors

June 16, 2017

Deciding what you want to do when you grow up is one of the most difficult, but also the most important questions you need to answer. It’s not easy to know what you want to do with your life after you leave school and it’s not a big shock to find out many change careers completely after a few years. While you always need to make the decision regarding the degree you pick on your own, you can draw some inspiration from the most popular study courses out there. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of the trending course in the country.

Study Courses


A degree in Education, both early childhood and primary education, continues to draw attention from young people. Furthermore, it isn’t just the young people who are considering this option, but adults in their 30s see the study course as a great degree choice. To test out whether you like the career, consider going abroad to teach English through i-To-i TEFL.

Business and Management

Another big favourite is getting a degree in Business and Management. The course is perfect for those looking for an exciting career and a hefty pay-check. If you have an entrepreneurial streak in you, the course could help you start your own business and to live the dream. Business and Management degrees are also suitable for those interested in finance, as you can compliment your degree with courses in Economics. It might even be a good degree for those interested in politics.

Environmental Science

We Australians also understand the importance of nature and it isn’t a surprise to find many young people want to study Environmental Sciences. The degree is great as it offers you a real chance to make a difference in the world and the course has plenty of options in terms of the specific career path. You can help stop climate change or work to solve problems with endangered species, depending on your interests.



You might have guessed a medical degree features on the list, but perhaps you didn’t think it would be Dentistry. There are plenty of ugly jokes about dentists and their kind, but the career path is still rather popular among youngsters. There are other reasons to pick the course than just money. The career can be exciting, as dentists don’t just work in their offices, but also are part of crime scene investigations.


In terms of a broad medical field, Pharmacy degrees are popular as well. The different programs within this broad degree guarantee you have plenty of options to choose from – you can work in a laboratory and find cures for ailments or be behind the counter at Your Chemist Shop, selling treatments to people.


The country is also interested in physical wellbeing in the form of becoming physiotherapists. The degree will help you understand the human body and help people feel better and keep their bodies in better shape. As a physiotherapist, you could work in wellness centres or hospitals. You could even join the army or start your own business.

Law and Criminal Justice

There aren’t many people who haven’t at some point thought about being a lawyer or a judge. There is something novel about the industry and the courses to train in law and criminal justice continues to be popular. The degree doesn’t always sound just as exciting as the profession, since the courses require you to spend a lot of time reading and scanning through old case studies. If you are up for it, the career path will be rewarding.

Law & Criminal Justice


Finally, you have engineering. The degree has changed in the past decades, creating a course, which is much more than just a degree to solve a few technical problems. When you get in to engineering, you have plenty of choices from building shuttles to launch into space to solving how people can safely drive around town. If you love solving problems and tinkering with things, you should consider engineering as an option.

How to pick the right course?

But how can you pick the right course for yourself? You don’t want to just go with something that’s popular – you need to find something to capture your imagination for years to come. You should first think what your skills and interests are and how they relate to the courses, you are thinking about enrolling in. You should then start looking into the universities and the locations. Would you like to study in a specific city? What does the university seem like? Visit University Open Days and talk to students to learn more about the course and the university itself. You can plan a road trip to a few locations with the help of HelloWorld. Don’t forget about online courses either. You might be able to find a course through Courses for Success that might capture your imagination.

Consider the above list as a starting guide when picking your study course. It shows what your fellow countrymen are studying and it can help you consider degrees you didn’t previously think about.