Top 5 new year resolutions to become more organized

January 18, 2020

The holiday season is finally over, and with it dawns a new chapter and a new year. What next? Isn’t that the question that pops up in each one of our heads every single year regardless of our current situations? Now that you start pondering, you are again faced with multiple questions? How do I take positive steps this new year and go about to challenge myself? That’s where your resolutions come in the picture. So, now that you have made a list of resolutions, how do you follow up on them?


 1. Start off small:

Your new year resolutions can be all sorts of things and something that sounds nice and cool, but do they have the potential to be achieved? If you have planned on something for the new year, did you make a realistic plan or goal on how to achieve them or just panned out the very first thought that crept your head? Most of the time, we don’t think our resolutions through, and that’s where all the problem lies. This year forward, make sure that you start your goals small. Divide them into chunks and achievable goals before you begin them. This will help you not only achieve these goals by the end of the year but also see you thriving at them. Who doesn’t like it when their new resolutions are achieved?

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 2. Make a plan:

Now that you have decided to work on your new year resolutions, what is the next thing you do? You plan the process out. If your goal is to learn Polo by the end of the year, you will first need to learn to ride a horse first. You will also need access to a horse and a place to learn to ride it. Establish a plan for this particular goal and then work on them one by one. This means writing down your plan, including the list of tasks needed to complete all these tasks successfully. Now that you have started on these tasks give yourself a timeline as to how long it will take you to complete all these tasks. Time is one of the most significant impediments faced by people looking to achieve their goals. You can use a planner for this or a calendar to keep track of your activities. Once you have set down your goals into cognitive tasks and have them listed out correctly, achieving them within a timeline also becomes easy.


 3. Create a routine:

A routine is one of the most important things if you wish to achieve your goals. Unless you have a routine, even a fixed plan will not be of much use since you are not implementing things the right way. What you need is a proper schedule and routine and for you to follow them as per plan. Plan a routine for yourself and make sure you adhere to this daily. A routine followed diligently lays down the foundation of how it is you are going to achieve your goals. You can bifurcate these into small routines, including daily, weekly, and monthly routines. This will also be easier for you to keep a tab on. Looking to get some motivation for your new year resolutions? Then look no further than, where you can find a variety of deals on all motivation books.


 4. Get help:

One of the foremost things that you need apart from your self-determination and grit is to not shy of getting help. If you aim to get fitter and lose some weight, enlist the list of friends and family to achieve your goal. You are better doing such things with people around you rather than alone. Having a support system around you is useful in case you feel like faltering or feel like you may not be able to achieve your goals. Ensure that you also get plenty of nutrition and take care of your body while getting help. Head to and get loads of discounts on various nutrition and healthcare items.


 5. Track your progress.

Tracking your progress is the best way to understand the progress you are making concerning your goals. This is also a measure to understand where you may be lacking or not faring well. Once you have made a note of all shortcomings, you can start working on them and make changes accordingly. Also, you need not be discouraged with small deviations here and there. So what if you are not exactly as per the timeline you set? Make sure to give your best and chip away at the list. The important part is to stay consistent on your path and not deviate.


So, there we have the top 5 new year’s resolution that you can use to become more organized and become the best version of yourself as you wish to be.