Top 10 Sights To See In Australia

November 13, 2017

As they say, ‘You can never get bored in Australia’. And that is quite true. The place has so much to offer to its tourists that a single trip can just not be enough. Well, forget the tourists for a while, even the locals cannot claim their completion of exploring Australia even after decades of travelling. Reason being? Innumerable road trips to plan, several mega cities to explore, exotic cuisine to put your tongues on, breathtaking beaches sunbathe your bodies on, epic skydive being a part of! Have we left anything that isn’t on your bucket list already? But there is one problem. How do you decide which ones to choose from and which ones to keep for another trip? In this article, we will try our best to do justice to our topic by choosing some of the top 10 activities from down under.

1 – Experience The Sydney Opera House
If Australia has to be described with one photo, it would definitely be of the Opera House in Sydney. This dazzling structure at the heart of Sydney has played (and is still playing) some of the most fantastic plays that you can ever imagine. It’s a common misconception that the Opera House is a single venue, while in reality it houses several venues in a single structure staging around 1500 plays every single year. So, waste no time and be a part of the 1.2 million strong crowd by grabbing your flight tickets from Bravofly.


2 – Raft Around The Great Barrier Reef
And our advice before you hover around this place? Do not litter at any cost! The Great Barrier Reef located off the cost of Queensland is the largest reef system in the world and is known to be visible from outer space. You read that! Such is the beauty and majesty of this natural wonder. The GBR comprises of over 900 islands and a whopping 2900 individual reefs in its system. Now you can imagine the diversity of marine life, it harbours by yourself.

3 – Visit The Peaceful Cable Beach
With the waves from the Indian Ocean gushing into this pristine location, the Cable Beach in Broome is a must, MUST visit for all the beach lovers. Known for its large expanse of white sand and ultra-blue ocean water, this beach attracts tourists who have an affinity for peaceful sunsets, sunbathing and undisturbed walks on the shore.

4 – Road Trip On The Great Ocean Road
Without a doubt, the great ocean road is considered by road trippers as one of the best drives in the world. Stretching over a length of 240 Kms (approx. 150 miles), the lanes get tricky with their curvy nature and narrow width. The best part about this location would be its proximity to the coastline, which runs parallel to the mountains, sandwiching the road between the two. And if you are looking to hire a vehicle for this epic road trip, Alpha Car Hire should be your choice number one.


5 – Spot The Kangaroos At Western Bay
These cute living things are synonymous to the word Australia, much like the Sydney’s Opera House. Though there are several zoos where you can watch them in peace, there’s nothing more adventurous than spotting one on your own in the wild. You can spot plenty of them, hopping around the beach at Western Bay during the early hours of the day or around the sunset.

6 – The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Second only to the Kangaroos, the Koala Bear is another animal which is sort of indigenous to Australia. You can grab a few of them and cuddle around at the Lone Pine Sanctuary near Canberra. The sanctuary has been maintained to such an extent that feeding animals (under expert supervision) is a very common practice. It also houses Kangaroos, wallabies and emus in its vast premises.

7 – Surfing On Byron Bay
Australia is blessed with beaches. Well, that’s not an expert guess since the continent cum country is also the largest island in the world. Byron Bay is the eastern most point of Australia and is pretty famous with surfers and beach-goers alike. The shore is dotted with hundreds of surfing enthusiasts who visit Byron especially for this craze. Gift yourself with discounts on beach accessories at Lands’ End.


8 – Camping In The Blue Mountains National Park
Listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Blue Mountains National Park is located very close to Sydney and is known for the blue hue generated by the eucalyptus trees. The place is famous for the tallest sandstone structure called the Three Sisters. The National Park is home to several activities like hill climbing, mountain biking and horse riding, to name a few.

9 – Spending A Day At The Fraser Island
The largest sand island in the world, the Fraser Island can be reached via the Hervey Bay in Queensland. Popular for its unending stretch of beaches, the island also houses rain-forests, fresh water lakes and areas filled with unseen flora and fauna. Other activities include jet-skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling around its beach.

10 – Walk Back In History At The Adelaide Port
Discussing Australia is incomplete without discussing the historic Port Adelaide. This is an area which is filled with historical buildings and museums like the National Railway Museum and the South Australian Maritime Museum. Other attractions include the Torrens Island Food Market, the Adelaide Cricket Club and the Port River which was discovered in 1831. The area houses a population that follows old traditions and cultures. Something that is rare to be found in contemporary Australia.