The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing

November 21, 2018

Businesses and companies have the need to evolve at the pace of the digital era today because what’s hot today is tomorrow’s old news. Making the right moves at the right time can make all the difference between the success of a business and its ultimate demise. As a retailer, online marketing puts you in a stead of growing not just your business but also popularizing it amongst the masses. Long gone are the days of billboards and hoardings and confinement of physical spaces to showcase your products and services.

Growth in the online world is all dependent on a consistent flow of traffic to your website. In this post, we look to provide you with some handy tips that will be crucial to improving your standing in the online domain.

Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?
Online marketing is a type of advertising done on the internet. This can happen via different mediums and takes varied forms and approaches. Online marketing is not to be confused with digital marketing. Online marketing is a subset of digital marketing and refers to display advertising and other digital channels, platforms, and devices that may not be connected to the internet. The main characteristic of online marketing is that it requires the need for a live internet connection.

Learning the Basics
Online marketing is both an art and science if we study it carefully. The art of online marketing involves finding the right mix of strategies to appeal to your target market which in turn will help translate that into sales. The science of online marketing involves the research analysis that goes into choosing different strategies and measuring their effectiveness. We shall cover the three basics of online marketing namely:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing traffic to your website. SEM is how websites promote themselves and their products and services. This is a process of gaining website exposure by way of promoting online keywords that are specifically related to your business. SEM is one of the most popular forms of marketing in today’s date. SEM involves the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click ads (PPC).

• Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of maximizing the number of hits a website gets. This is done by ensuring that a site appears high on the Search Engine’s Result Pages (SERP’s) and includes different things like site content and architecture, internal and external links, keyword research etc. Understanding how search engines rank websites, one can optimize the website to give it a better chance of ranking well in searches. One problem faced by online marketers is that search engine algorithms tend to change on a regular basis so they need to be up to date with the best practices in order to help website claim a higher ranking in searches.


• Pay Per Click Advertising:
Pay Per Click advertising is carried out via search engines who charge advertisers certain sum of money every time their website is clicked upon. Search engines benefit via the profits earned from this endeavor while websites get a chance to target their potential customers more precisely. Looking to build a website domain of your own.

2. Content Marketing:
Content marketing is essential to the functioning of a website. The purpose of content marketing is integral to engaging the audience, informing them about the different products and services on offer, generating search traffic and demonstrating expertise of your brand. Businesses aim to educate consumers while delivering consistent, valuable information to buyers who will, in turn, increase the traffic and sales of the website. Content marketing is an important tool for companies today as the content is necessary for almost everything today be it videos, pictures or different interactive models. A good content helps tell the story of your brand and marks an online presence. Looking to gain more knowledge on online marketing? Make use of Booktopia discount and avail access to different digital strategy books today.

3. Social Media Marketing:
Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives and companies today have the need to target their audiences this way. This includes the use of mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn. Pinterest etc. Search engines take into consideration the number of shares a website receives while rating the content and showcasing them. Engagement is the basic key to making a social media strategy work for your website. Customers need to be able to voice concerns, raise questions and grievances and most of all engage with the business in order to develop trust. This is a great way for businesses to building brand equity, building rapport and collecting feedback from the customers.

Online marketing is essential for businesses to run in an ever-growing digital world. This is bound to take even more traction in the years to come.