How to Celebrate Australia Day Like an Aussie

January 24, 2018

With a cuppa, of course! That would be the most straightforward answer of all, considering the love for coffee among Aussies. But if you feel close to the formation day of Australia, the very day when the first fleets from Britain anchored their ships in 1788, then you’ve got to grab yourself up and get out of your cozy beds and celebrate the uniqueness of this remarkable day. There’s a lot for you to prepare to make the most of it with friends and family. Here, we list down some of the most amusing activities to indulge in.

Australia Day

Cricket by the beach anyone?
Australia is blessed with sun, sand and sports. With ‘Ashes’ fever at its temporal heights, there cannot be a better gesture to get in the groove and support The Kangaroos, than by a game of cricket with the lads by the beach. However, if you are looking for something serious, then how about a day long friendly tournament in the neighborhood? In any case, get ready to break some stumps and hit a few sixes right over the park! Don’t bother keeping yourself tidy ‘because we’ve got your jerseys covered on special discounts via Millet Sports.

Grill and some bar-bee
Unlike the rest of the world, Aussies love to spend their time with the food. Peeling shrimps, marinating meat with their bare hands and tossing it up with finely sliced veggies. Yes, all of this without taking the tiniest of help from the local grocer or meat shop. Let the essence of this great day fill your soul with good food making down its way to your tummy. Here’s to an unasked-for cheat day!

Australia Day BBQ

Don’t plan your attire
You now have the reason to go complete berserk during the evening party with something no one has ever seen you wearing before. If you are known for a 24/7 professional look, the time has come for those jaws to drop as they watch you walk across the stage tucking in your floral shirt over a baggy pair of shorts or how about a pair glaring neon shorts? Eh, we’ll let you decide that! Stay choosy with your attire and shop till you drop at PacSun. They are even giving away free shipping on select orders.

The annual hottest 100
Nope, we would never forget to mention this. We know it’s that time of the year when you’ve got to turn up the music and rush on a drive to complete the top 100 songs by Triple J. You can take this drive to the next level by hiring a customized RV for the entire family and stocking it up with couple of days of supply. Take the ride off the country and enjoy the breeze with soothing music coupled with the indigenous breeze from the surrounding woods.

How about we start with a cracking highlight
As of today, the Aussies look to be in the driver’s seat to bring yet another glory in the age-old Ashes rivalry against the English. So, if you are feeling that extra bit lazy to step out of your house and swing a few shots by yourself, you can always enjoy the victorious moments of the home team with your lads on the TV. We are sure the broadcasters have the Australia Day in their mind and should be telecasting some of the most eye-catching glimpses of Australian cricket.

House party for old time’s sake
How about turning up the cricket highlights into a prolonged gathering by throwing a surprise house party? Invite your friends whom you haven’t met in ages and enjoy the fresh BBQ you’ve worked so hard for to arrange since last week. Prepare a bon fire and spend your night chatting about the good old days with pleasing music ringing in the background.

Australia Day Fireworks

End your day with fireworks
The country is adorned with activities at every nook and corner, and fireworks draw the major eye balls. Plan a ride with your kids and head to the nearest town to enjoy the colours of Australia Day light the sky. Don’t forget to fill your food basket with snacks and if you are heading to the shores, grab a few sheets of blanket to lie down and absorb the hue in peace.

All the above activities can be plainly neglected if you have decided to spend your day munching on a jar of Vegemite with a spoon. For those who don’t know what that is, they can consider it as a well-respected Australian Day tradition. Regardless of whatever you choose to complete from the above list, remember there’s only one day a year where it’s worth spending on enjoyment and food. And we suggest you make full use of it.