Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Celebration

February 9, 2018

Love cannot be measured with wealth. The statement sounds pleasing to the ear, doesn’t it? But that’s only until the day you really fall in love. Ask the ones who have been celebrating Valentine’s Day devotedly for years and the answer would sound something like, ‘At the end of the day, it’s all about spending extra money on premium dining, expensive flowers and fancy chocolates’. And there goes all the emotions and excitement of first-timers in a drain! But what if we told you that all of this ‘expensive fuss’ is only a misconception? That there exist ways through which you can spend a dream date with your beau without having to drill a crater in your wallet? Well, fret not as we bring to you a list of budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas…

Home is where it tastes better

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a working day, isn’t that enough reason to stay back and enjoy the home-cooked delicacies? And regardless of the day on which it falls, nothing can feel more romantic and be filling than an in-house diner. On the fair side, the one who cooks the dinner gets a wish fulfilled by the one who relaxes. No matter how demanding the wish gets later in the night! And if you want to avoid the messy cooking chores, then these mouth-watering offers from Delivery Hero should easily set your taste buds ablaze!

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A walk to remember

Remember this epic romantic flick from the early 2000’s that got us all too emotional? Well, everything happened in that movie over the course of a walk. That’s right. Sometimes the most beautiful moments of our lives occur in the midst of paths that are away from glamour and show. Step by step, palms enmeshed, feel the moment as you talk about everything that you can’t disclose on calls or text messages. Seriously, there is hardly anything that can replace a lengthy walk through the memory lane.

How creative can you get?

How did lovers back in the 90’s express their love? Unlike our lengthy Facebook posts and charming Instagram hashtags, they stuck to simplicity and elegance. Drafting love notes on colorful sheets of paper, making gifts using beads, pearls, laces, and anything that lied unused in the racks. In short, they chose their own creativity and built the most pleasing and heartfelt gifts ever! For a change, even you can opt for this old-fashioned way of gifting by designing a gift card all by yourself or by simply choosing one from Giftcards.com.

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A round of board games?

Without ending up in a fight?! Guess it’s time to brush off the multiple layers of dust on the scrabble board or to re-assemble all the currency notes from monopoly. And how about a round of pillow fight to decide who’s the actual winner? Well’ that’s a must. And if you both are the conventional ‘play station’ freaks then there’s nothing like it. The games will go on well until the sun peaks through the windows next day. Just make sure the controllers stay unharmed for another Valentine’s Day game night.

Going off road

Relationships fail nowadays because people do not value personal time anymore. We are so busy obeying our auto-pilot instructions day in day out that we have literally forgotten what life outside the box means. Take a day off and plan a road trip. Along one that takes you away from the concrete and glass jungle of the city to the flowery breeze of the countryside. Search for a region that is currently experiencing rainfall and enjoy this blessing of mother nature with the one you love the most. Do something real for a change. And if you can’t choose one by yourself, simply visit austalia.com and have adventurous day with your Valentine.

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Surprise Surprise!

If you both are a working couple, then this one should really set the tone for the day of love! Plan up the day and take off a few hours early from work or college to give the love of your life the sweetest surprise of his/her life. Decorate the bedroom with post-it notes listing all the major events of your relationship. Write the heart out and express your love for him/her to the fullest.For lighting effects, attach radium light on each post and place it in a shape that forms a heart or the alphabets of his/her name. Dim the lights as he/she enter the room for initial astonishment and enjoy every second of the moment as he/she read out the messages with eyes perplexed.

When you are in love, what matters the most are the thoughts and efforts which you put in to make it a special one for your significant other. At the end of the day, what matters most is the width of the smile on your lover’s face, not the amount of money you expend. So, get to work and come up with ideas to make this Valentine’s Day, the best one till date.