6 Unique ways to decorate your house

March 4, 2020

Decorating your house can be an endearing task to accomplish—the home of your dreams and a thousand ideas going left and right in your head. While decorating your house takes efforts, time and of course money, there’s also an argument to be made about your needs. At the end of the day, all of us want a safe space where we can spend some time with our loved ones and in peace. So, in this post, we will take a look at some of the unique ways you can decorate your house and bring out your persona as well.

 1. Keep the wall colors neutral:

Your wall is a place that is a canvas for all your decorations, and unless you wish to continually keep cheffing between choices as to how you want to decorate your space. Having neutral walls provides you that flexibility allowing you to continually amp up your décor as and how many times you wish it. Ensure that you go with the same neutral colors like gray or beige. If you still feel at loggerheads about the color combination, take a paint strip and move down a shade or two to find different choices and variations.


 2. Consider your bedroom:

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so it is but evident that you should consider different strategies for making it as comfy as it can be. As you have already chosen the wall colors, start here with the bed and the bedroom furniture. While there are multiple avenues for you to save money, ensure that you don’t hold yourself in buying good quality mattresses and pillows for the room. The color choice is also an important factor here. If you are a more of a morning person, choose from lighter hues, or if you are a late riser, then keep a darker tone.

3. Understand and take measurements:

While it is easy to go all out and buy a plethora of things for your home but unless you consider measures and the scale of your room, you will always trouble yourself with over spacing or under pacing. Therefore, it is advisable still that you take stock of your space and before designing, decorate the length and width of every room. Taking stock here means taking stock of your ceiling heights, stairs, columns, window openings, to name a few. This will also help you whilst shopping for furniture as well as décor you wish to put decorate your home with. For instance, beds. These can be a hassle to pick up. If you are looking for one for your living space, then head to BedsOnline and save up to $300 on selected beds and mattresses.


4. Art is the window to the soul:

We don’t mean to impart a philosophical lesson here, but hanging art is perhaps one of the best ways to decorate your place. Do a little bit of scaling so you know what you need to get for your home. One can take inspiration here from a lot of sites, including family photos, DIY art, framed art for your walls. Also, before you make a move to decorating your walls, have a clear picture where you intend to place all your décor. Everything that you plan on putting needs to have a proper setting and a way to hang it. You may be following a theme for your living room, so you will need to match the wall art accordingly. The same goes for your bedroom, kitchen or workspace that you may be planning to decorate.

  5. Layer your lighting:

Your room lighting has a great impact on how you wish to present your place, and that’s why it is important that you understand lighting. Now, you need not be a pro to understand the different kinds of lighting that you can have in your home. For basics, keep your lighting in three basic modes, ambient, task, and accent. Ambient is for your ceiling fixtures while the task is for your workspace and or kitchen. The accent is more of your decorative lighting. If you are planning for lights in your living room, make sure that they go beyond 3 watts per square foot. This will make your living space a standout. Lighting can be a concern if you don’t know where to look and choices to go along with that. Now, head to Shop.com and get a wide range of products for your home at exceptional discounts.

 6. Get to decluttering your home space:

It is no mystery that the longer time you spend in your home space, the more chances there are that you keep overfilling unwanted things. This is when the help of a pro will come handy. There are various online websites where you can hire organizers for your living space without shelling out a bomb. They can help you declutter your basic stuff ranging from bookshelves, closets, and cupboard spaces. Keep your shelves with a mixture of décor rather than just one thing like a mix of books, bowls, vases, etc.

So, there we have some unique ways with which you too can decorate your house and have the perfect living space for you and your family.