5 Workout Tips for Beginners

October 17, 2019

So you have decided to finally concentrate on your health, lose that winter flab or gain weight and muscles. Welcome to the fray. You have taken a step already towards betterment. The question that now comes is, what next after this or how do you approach this? Workout is something that needs both knowledge as well as patience. Knowledge in the sense of doing things right and patience in terms of getting the results of the hard work you have put in the gym. In this post, we will tell about the 5 main workout tips that beginners ought to be familiar with before they go on a body transformation journey:

1. Make it a habit:
All things aside, if you want to see positive changes in your body then you have to commit to the very idea of hitting the gym a regular habit. Committing is what you have to do if you wish to see any sort of results. Yes, it indeed is a task committing when you are committing to work and have a full day ahead. Working out atleast 3-4 times a week will help inculcate a habit and also help you with changes and ultimately achieving your body goals. Schedule your workout in a way that it doesn’t interfere with your schedule.
Also, make a plan for yourself and set realistic goals while you make your mind to working out. Often at times, setting unrealistic goals for yourself like losing 10 kilos in 15 days or building arm muscles to a certain limit within a month itself. These are unrealistic goals that will only demotivate you further if you go on to pursue them. Know your limits and make a plan accordingly.

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2.  Don’t miss out on introductions:
Another mistake made by newcomers and rookies is skipping those valuable introductory sessions and jumping straight to the workouts. Missing out on these means skipping on valuable inputs that would be useful in the long run. Most gyms today provide active introductory sessions for their new members and make them aware about the basics of working out. Also, if you remain unsure of some exercises or workouts, don’t be afraid to ask for help and tips. Members, even trainers would be willing to help you out should you ask for help. As a beginner, you are bound to have questions and there is nothing wrong with that. If you remain unsure or shy to speak up, consider booking yourself a session with a trainer. It is their job to answer your questions and help you with your transformation. It pays to do things right and your goal to working out is just that. A goal to achieving that ideal body that you wish. It pays to be in the knowhow of things and a Fitbit can be the perfect companion for that. Now get 17% off on Fitbit Blaze Fitness watches at QVC.

3. Eat like you mean it:
This is another important aspect of working out that people often miss. What you do whilst working out is just a small part of achieving your fitness goals. Just working out and putting your time in the gym will not be enough and diet and nutrition is an important part of it. A clean diet is necessary for both your physical and well being and before anything else, you need to fix that if you wish to come to terms with your fitness goals. For starters, try and get rid of processed foods and completely omit them from your diet. Make smarter choices when it comes to food. Take help where necessary.

4. Mistakes are common:
It is absolutely okay to make mistakes. No one is perfect at everything and you are bound to make mistakes. What’s also important is that you learn from your mistakes and fix these. It pays to pay attention to mistakes and make changes to rectifying these. Every body type reacts differently to workout and exercises. What may work for one person may not be true for you. You will need to therefore understand and learn as to how your body reacts to changes. Once you have a fair idea of how your body works, it will be easier for you to tailor and personalise your workout that suits you best. Looking for active fitwear to wear to the gym? Visit Millet Sports and get fitness clothing from $29.99.

5. Compound movements are integral:
Don’t underestimate the importance of compound movements in your workout. Beginners are often distracted with the different training techniques that they come across on online and magazines. While these exercises are definitely good for your body, but immediately concentrating on one muscle group isn’t going to bring you success. It’s better to isolate muscle groups and work them strategically using different ways. Make sure you get basics right including squats, bench press, bent-over row, deadlifts, lunges etc. Getting these right will then help you progress further.

So there you have the 5 basic workout tips that every beginner ought to be familiar with before they begin their workouts.