5 Best Ways to Make Money Online for Free

June 13, 2019

The advent of the Internet today has made many things possible today. If you were short of earning and learning avenues before, then now is the time do so. There are tons of things that you can do today that would help you generate a steady stream of income. Many people resort to such alternate streams of revenue as it allows them to stay in the comfort of their own homes without the need to head out. Online work is an excellent way for students as well as housemaker moms looking for that extra bit of cash for themselves. In this post, we will highlight the five best methods with which you can make money online for free:

1. Virtual Assistants:
Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular in the online domain today. With increasing online businesses on the World Wide Web, there has been a steady demand for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants handle an array of responsibilities that can include replying to emails, operating social media accounts, doing research, writing content, and managing relevant documents. There are many freelancing websites today where you can find potential employers looking for virtual assistants. All you need to do is prepare an account for yourself and do the bidding for a job best suited to your abilities. While there are freelancing websites that cost money, there are also platforms that don’t charge their patrons any money for their services.

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2. Affiliate marketing:
Another form of business on the rise is affiliate marketing. This has picked up pace within the last 5 years and is a growing avenue for people seeking to earn money via this medium. The goal of an affiliate marketer is to market and refer the goods and services of a company to other potential customers out there. An online platform like a website can be used for the same wherein you can write blogs or do product reviews. Even Facebook can be used today as a platform for affiliate marketing. How about picking up a new skill before heading out in the real world to try something of your own? Udemy is offering up to 2,000 courses and get seasonal deals on a number of subjects including Affiliate Marketing.

3. Data Entry:
Data entry happens to be one of the simplest ways to earn money online. These jobs can be done by almost anyone with a little too basic knowledge of computer systems. It is also a downside to these jobs and therefore pays relatively lesser than other mediums available. Again, like virtual assistant jobs, you can find data entry jobs on freelancing platforms. Data entry work ranges from filing basic forms, collating public entry data, etc. for your respective employer. Many companies seek data entry individuals for their work, and you can easily put some free time into it if you wish to go ahead with it. Contrary to popular beliefs, data entry jobs are not limited to a particular industry, which in turn offers you a plethora of opportunities out there. All you need to do is adhere to timelines and of course, have a stable internet connection back home.

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4. Teach online:
Teaching today is not just restricted to physical classrooms. Today, anyone can avail the service of a teacher online for a subject of their choice. Not only websites, but there are also a ton of apps that allow you to dedicate your time to teaching students on several different subjects. Online educational platforms are in abundance today and are always on the lookout for teachers and subject matter experts whose services they can avail to their advantage. Subjects here include Maths, English, foreign languages, etc. Apart from flexibility, there is freedom for you to maintain and follow your curriculum unless you have signed up for a specific teaching module. If teaching and traveling is your passion then consider to save up to $350 on China and Vietnam internships.

5. Product Testing:
Another lucrative avenue for earning extra money is product testing. There is a multitude of companies in the market offering new innovation in terms of products be it cosmetics, tech gadgets, food industry, etc. All these companies have a constant requirement for product testers who can test their products for them and provide feedback and reviews. The competition in the market today is one big reason for this job profile and companies wish to stay toe to toe with their competition if they wish to gain a foothold. There are various online platforms that list out product testing jobs for interested folks to apply.

So, there we have a basic list of the top 5 ways with which you can make money online. Make sure you pick a niche before deciding on taking up a particular job.