3 Simple Ways To Celebrate This Easter With Your Family

April 18, 2019

Easter is officially around the corner and this presents the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with family. The Easter bunny, colorful eggs, and Easter baskets are all significant parts of a long-standing tradition that has been carried out by our forefathers and their families. One makes the fondest memories during such times and festivities such as Easter are a great way to not only share traditions but also building stronger connections with family. In this post we will learn about some of the simple ways you can celebrate Easter with family:

1. Learn about Easter and different Easter traditions:
Easter bunnies, eggs and baskets have always been famous but have you cared to know the reason why it has been so? Well, this time around, how about learning a little more about Easter and the traditions that go with it. You might be surprised to know that most of the traditions still being followed today come from Pagan times. There are many such exciting details as well as a history that will help you learn more about the celebration of Easter. If you have small kids in the family, it will also help them learn that Easter is more than just chocolates. Maybe they can learn more about the whole joyous celebration and the sacrifice it took for Easter to be celebrated this way.


Make this a collective effort going forward and revisit these lessons every year as part of your traditions. Our fondest experiences tend to be those that we share and enjoy along with family and friends. Families that remain involved in sharing traditions are reported to have a stronger connection than families who don’t have established traditions and rituals. This is also a chance to create good memories with your family. A word of caution though. This is not something that ought to be a “must do” thing but something that needs to be taken as a “can do” endeavor.

2. Indulge in some collective Easter efforts:
There are so many things that you could collectively do as a family. This can range right from dyeing cakes, baking cakes, and cookies to making Easter baskets. Also, after a session of familiarising yourself with some Easter traditions and rituals, it is time to do something fun. The best part is that you can record your family doing all these things on a video cam that you can later enjoy collectively. You can maybe set up the camera in the far corner of the room while it records all the activities of your kid’s coloring and dyeing the eggs. You can even turn this into a ritual every year and turn it into a home movie. Looking to get good deals on the Easter Décor, get some of the best discounts on a wide range of décor on AliExpress.


Another fun activity to indulge here is the baking of cakes and cookies. While a ready-made cake is readily available during Easter, why not use this moment to bond with family and bake cakes and cookies together. Get your aprons, mixing bowls and spoons out for this and experiment this time around — Bake cute bunny cakes or sugar cookies along with your family. There are small bunny shaped cookie cutters available in the market that kids can use under your supervision to bake their cookies. Not only will this be a fun thing to do, but you could also voluntary enrolment going forward for every Easter. Looking to collect some homewares this season, now get up to 80% off Bone China Homewares at Deals Direct.

3. Go hunting Easter Eggs together:
What better way to celebrate Easter than going on a hunt for Easter eggs. There are numerous community and local Easter egg hunt competitions where you can enter as a family. Community events like these are a great way to not just other people but also enjoy it with family. Also, the chase and the thrill of the hunt makes the whole activity worthwhile. If you are someone who would like the peace of enjoying the egg hunt alone with the family then chart your course. You can pan it two ways where you team up with respective family members and map a route around the house and yard. If you want to add an angle to it, put together some Easter related stories and pictures as well on the eggs. When they open the eggs, you can use the images to tell the account associated with that particular image.


Easter is a beautiful time to spend with family and teach the kids about God and his sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. So there, we have three simple way to celebrate Easter this year.