10 Must Have Formal Shoes For Men

September 13, 2017

Now that we’re in the month of discounts and all the shops are full of sales, I thought it would be interesting to make a small list, a guide about what boys should wear, seen from a girl’s perspective. This guide consists of the grading of the clothes that a boy should wear and of course, to purchase.

It is very important to know his taste as you do not want to fail. And, you guys must be flexible and choose the best pair of shoes that will match your outfit and if you look good in them, buy them.

Fashion is constantly changing, we should always keep an eye on what it is in trend. I’m not saying you have to wear only items from the new collection, but items that look good on you. So, dear boys, let’s see what options you have and what you buy should next time you go shopping.

Classic Brogue Shoes

Classis country gentleman’s shoe or the brogue of a banking city slicker, this high shine brogue will always look amazing. Coming in a flexible and original burgundy, blue navy, brown or black colour will nicely go with some jeans and a piece of black socks. They are also available in premium leather and with the air-cushioned sole, so are a cozy purchase.


Leather Loafers

To get the most out of slip-on footwear, opt for loafers or moccasins in leather as they blend with suits and jeans. However, don’t lend themselves to business or dressy occasions where lace-up shoes are preferred. Moreover, you may purchase loafers from Payless Shoes at a great discount!

Classic Penny Loafer Tan

If you’re after reliable style then you can’t go wrong with these smart shoes. It’s custom to put a penny in the foot strap, that’s where the name comes from, but if you’re like us you’ll be saving money you can for your outings by wearing these bad boys. You can wear them with standard skinny jeans for a sophisticated and fitted appearance. This makes the shoes perfect for an official or ceremonial event or for a hassle-free look for everyday wear.

Clarks Original

Specifically made up of exposed soft suede fabric and uncovered stitching, this Clarks original can be a perfect piece and should not be missed by any man’s collection. You can simply smarten them up with chinos or wear them down with some rolled up jeans.


Desert Boots

The modest and classic design of the boot blends seamlessly into smart and casual looks and is your ultimate choice of footwear for understated and modest styles, whatever the occasion. Perfect for both summer and winter, a pair of desert boots can last you for years while providing you with an easy base to work with. Depending on your choice you might want to go for specific tones or materials, but the pleasing shape should suit everyone apart from their personal style.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots originated as a formal shoe, and although they now come in all colours and materials, there are still plenty of smart ones on the market. Whilst a shirt might be the most obvious choice for a smart outfit, play around with layers and opt for a black jumper or sweatshirt. This will instantly provide your look with a laid-back vibe whilst keeping a slick and defined edge. These boots will help you achieve the suave style for which 007 is so well known; just throw on some slim-fit jeans and your best jacket and you’ll be good to go.

Canvas Boat Shoes

For an additionally laid back, but still formal style, pitch on some canvas boat shoes. You can even test with colour here too and add a playful factor to your look. Boat shoes or other canvas shoes will add a summery feel to your fashion and are subsequently perfect for parties and official events.

Open Lacing Dress Boots

Unlike untailored boots, these boots can and must be the perfect add on to your favourites. These pairs can last for long; you just have to touch up with extra polish on it for a better life.
Well, if they’re your first pair of dress boots, put out of your mind on full brogues (wingtips) and half brogues. These open lacing can be worn with suits.



Apart from occasional toe variations, such as apron, cap, and split toes, derbies are about as trouble-free as shoes get. Their simplicity is what makes them smart and versatile. These will perfect with a pair of jeans or a suit.


Your jeans should have a tapered cut, which means that they are fairly slim at the hems and be somewhat highly hemmed so that the jeans barely rest on the top of the shoes.

These are only a few of the models and examples of formal shoes. Rivers.com.au offers a wider range of models and colours for every style and taste!