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About Dropbox

If you've used any cloud hosting provider, you would surely have heard about Dropbox. It is a file hosting service headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company offers services like cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronisation and client software. It was founded in the year 2007 by students from MIT; it was a start-up from the Seed accelerator Y Combinator. It allows the user to create a special folder on their devices that can be accessed from any other device as the same folder. The users can also access the files saved in this folder using the Dropbox official site or it’s Mobile Application.

Dropbox Logo

The company has a freemium business model that is used by Dropbox, which provides a free account for a limited storage and for the storage greater than the limit there is a paid subscription. Dropbox gives software services for Linux, OS X, and Windows NT.

Top Categories

Dropbox is designed to give users a comfortable experience. The website is created with specified categories that have self-explanatory well-designed sub-categories which provide a lot of information and support to make an informed choice. The categories that Dropbox has are:-

  • Features: - Explains all the features that are offered by Dropbox. Get extra storage as needed, have unlimited file recovery option, keep data safe with a password-protected link, transfer information with Account transfer tool, create groups, get support, keep the history and also clean swipe from stolen and lost devices.
  • Compare Plans: - Dropbox provides free accounts and usage to users who have limited access. Users who have more capacity need they have many more options to choose from. There are 1 GB, 1 TB and more capacity options available.
  • Pricing: - Plans that are designed for individual are available at $9.99 per month cost and for Teams are available at cost $15 per month for five users. There is another option for a large organisation that might need details to plan out the cost structure. Each of these categories has different features; go through what it has to offer before making any decision.

Services Offered

Dropbox is a great hosting server that provides the following services.

It allows the user to access the files from anywhere, from any device and also makes it easy to share with anyone.

It helps users to save the files in the folder using the personal device and then the same files can be asses from a mobile device when on the move. Everything that becomes the part of Dropbox has synced automatically with all the devices.

You can upload media and data on the go and sending and uploading videos through it is an easy task. Large files, huge videos can be shared with others using Dropbox. Many people use it to share wedding videos which give an idea about the volume and speed of the service.


It keeps the saved files safe. The vacation photos and important files are automatically backed-up from the computer and phone.

It makes it possible to work together even from different locations. The presentation can be edited with other team mates using Dropbox services. It does not call for continuous emailing to make small changes.

Hot Deals

Make use of the 30 days trial offer to learn and work in the cloud.

  1. Pro Plan For $9.99/Month
  2. Sign Up For Free @ Dropbox
  3. Automatic Synchronization For All Connected Devices

How To Use Coupon Code

Here is how you can save more with the Dropxbox coupon code.

  • Log on to the Dropbox site.
  • Go to the Plans section to choose the plan that you need.
  • Sign in with your account.
  • Select the plan. Now you would see a small area where you can enter the code.
  • Enter the code, and the discount is applied. Now, just check out!

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Dropbox is easy to work on, just as an added help there is an official YouTube page that would allow users to virtually go through an experience that they would finally be going through. There are many official videos that have insights, updates on what is going on. They can act as help guides or just added information on what is needed.

Mobile App

Dropbox Mobile App allows the users to access all the files that are stored in any of your devices. The mobile apps are available for Apple and Android phones which can be downloaded using a simple link shared below.

Dropbox mobile app


Dropbox has several safety players to protect the data especially when it is available on many devices at the same time. The files are stored in an encrypted format which is only available to Dropbox and the users. The user’s information is also protected by keeping the data safe; special care is taken with the help of safety measures and guided policies so that user’s information is not disclosed. Dropbox advice the users to help them protect the account the users have, this can be done by keeping a strong password which is unique to Dropbox. Apply a two-step verification so that there is an added layer of protection. Always keep the security setting updates and also keep a track on the activity update. If you feel there has been an activity not undertaken by you immediately, bring it to the notice of the team.

Social Media Presence

Do not miss out on any update and what the brand has to offer. Make use of the social media links to know what is trending and what offers the site has. Subscribe the newsletter for latest information and happenings. The newsletter can be subscribed from the official site.

Contact Dropbox

Contact form available on website.