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Home Decor Tips With Modern Art

December 28, 2016

Art shouldn’t be confined within the walls of museums and galleries. Artists want to share their work and for people to use it to brighten their days. If you want to celebrate art, then you should showcase it in your home. Art makes a great decorating element as well – it can add more focus and a sense of purpose to your décor. But not all art is alike and decorating with modern art can be tricky. The abstract, non-representational style with bold colours and design... Read More

Top New Year’s Resolutions You Need To Keep

December 21, 2016

New Year’s resolutions are kind of a cliché. We all make them, go into January with full speed and vigour, only to find out that by February we’ve broken each one of our goals. But setting goals is not a pointless activity and you shouldn’t stop making New Year’s resolutions. So, if you are thinking about the goals you’d like to set for yourself in 2017, consider these New Year’s resolutions you want to keep. Also people tend to lose their new year resolutio... Read More

Best Tech Gadgets To Gift This Christmas

December 15, 2016

Tablet and headphone best Christmas gifts
The past year has been big in terms of technological innovations. We’ve seen plenty of exciting products hit development as well as the store shelves. Since Christmas is slowly knocking the door, it’s time to pick the best tech gifts you need to give to your loved ones. The below list has plenty of options from the more extravagant to the budget-friendly choices. You just need to spend some time comparing prices and finding just the right option to wow everyone this ... Read More

X-Mas Month: Must-Have Décor Items

December 6, 2016

December is in full swing and Christmas preparations are heating up. The best part about the season is the Christmas decorations, which immediately add that festive feel to your space. So, what are the essential decorations you need to get this season? Here is our list of the must-have Christmas decorations to a merry space. A Christmas Wreath If there’s one way to spot the season has begun, it’s when the wreaths appear on the doors. The Christmas wreath... Read More